4 Hashtags Tips For Better for Instagram Marketing

No one thing makes a successful Instagram Marketing account. Success on Instagram is the result of a smart strategy that covers a wide range of different factors.

But with that said, one of the single most important aspects is to consider the role of your hashtags. Hashtags are some of the most crucial key elements when it comes to gaining views from new people, gaining more likes, getting more follower and generally helping your page to grow exponentially. Here are four tips that will help you use them better.


You have the option to use up to 30 hashtags, and the most important tip to take away from this is…. Use ALL 30. It’s like being able to play the lottery for free. Why would you play just once, when you could enter 30 times and improve your chances of success by x30?


When you start typing out your hashtags, you’ll find that you see a little preview with suggestions that have numbers by them. Those numbers tell you how many other people have used that hashtag, and that alone can be a brilliant clue as to which are the best to use. But the 1 mistake that everybody, including myself, makes is assuming that the most popular hashtag is automatically going to be the smartest option.

This is a BIG mistake, because you’ll find a hashtag that is too popular (like over 1million) gets drowned out by other identical posts and therefore doesn’t stay visible too long. On the other hand, you don’t want a hashtag that no one is interested in neither… so find that sweet spot with around 30,000 posts.


That said, there’s always the smallest chance that if you go for the biggest niche, your image will get picked up by someone influential and go gangbusters. With that being said, if you use an obscure hashtag, it can mean that your image hangs around in search for months and months on end. So use a variety and cover the full range!


News jacking means that you are going to use hashtags that are currently prominent or in the news. This is a great way to get attention and to find people searching for your images. Better yet, choose topics that are trending right now in your niche, or that are just becoming big topics but have yet to be inundated with competition.

So next time you get on Instagram, follow these tips, post regularly, and you will be on your way to #Success! For more info on How To use Hashtag and Instagram for your Business, Check out the Product below….

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